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A digital marketer with expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online marketing, social media optimization, Paid campaigns, and Content Marketing. I obtained my MBA in Marketing from Karachi University of Karachi, Department KUBS. Also able to analyze metrics and spot trends that help your company’s brand, products, and services. As a digital marketer, I can plan and manage marketing campaigns. I can conduct market research, NFT research, and strategies in collaboration with other marketing professionals. I can create content to help marketing campaigns succeed.
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I am proud to share that my research article titled “How Digital Marketing and Perceived Performance Influence Consumer Buying Behavior” has been published in an HEC recognized journal. The article focuses on understanding how digital marketing and perceived performance affect consumer behavior in the online space.

The research was conducted as part of my MBA program at Karachi University Business School, where I developed an interest in exploring the relationship between digital marketing and consumer behavior. Through extensive research and data analysis, I was able to identify key factors that influence consumer buying behavior in the digital space.

This study aims to identify how different digital marketing tools impact consumer buying behaviour. This research shows the most appropriate actions to take while planning an online strategy and retaining users. Furthermore, the study highlights the importance of perceived performance in shaping consumer behaviour, as consumers are more likely to purchase if they believe that a product or service meets their expectations. Also, this research signifies running an effective digital marketing campaign. This research has implications for businesses looking to improve their marketing strategies and enhance their customer relationships in the digital age. Non-probability sampling method was used to select the sample. Convenience sampling involves selecting participants who are easily accessible and willing to participate in the study. The data is gathered through online surveys from a sample of 450 respondents. To analyze the data, the study used SPSS software and Smart PLS. SPSS is a statistical software package used for data analysis. The conclusion of this research shows factors that should be utilized while planning a campaign with digital marketing tools. The effect on Consumer buying behaviour for online purchases is necessary for all SMEs, e-commerce, and online retail industries, especially their performance. Through this research, companies can identify which campaign is suitable for them to run in the market of Karachi.

Citation: Jabeen Khan, Z., & Anjum, D. S. (2023). How Digital Marketing and Perceived Performance is Influencing Consumer Buying Behaviour. “Journal of Academic Research for Humanities”3(1), 186–199. Retrieved from https://jar.bwo.org.pk/index.php/jarh/article/view/163

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